by Anjel Murphy


At Simmons Fine Jewelry, we believe that life should be celebrated. Whether it’s the big milestones or the ordinary day-to-day routines, all of life’s moments are meant to be cherished.

As a locally-owned small business, there is nothing we love more than serving the incredible community of Idaho. We wake up every day, eager to help you celebrate life’s occasions with the most incredible jewelry. At Simmons Fine Jewelry, we are truly blessed to have had a hand in helping our customers celebrate life for over 30 years. For us, celebrating life is the way of life- it’s our version of “normal.”

Now, we are living in unprecedented times with the novel coronavirus. And as much as we’d like to continue on with our version of “normal life,” the reality is that our world’s most recent events have caused a major shift in what we know as “normal.” Right now, we- as a world- are finding ourselves living in the tension of school closures, canceled travel plans, and mandatory shut-downs.

Simmons Fine Jewelry has found itself in the company of hundreds of thousands of other small businesses that are being largely affected by recent changes in response to the coronavirus. And while we’re all trying to follow the new standard of social distancing and self-quarantining, we are more determined than ever to serve our amazing customers and community of the Treasure Valley.

Like all small and local businesses, we rely significantly on our relationship with you- our customers and community. During this unique time in history, we ask that you partner with us- and other small and locally owned businesses in the Treasure Valley- to overcome these obstacles.

And since we value your support, business, and health, we are going to share five ways that you can support small business- even from six feet away!


Tell Us How You Really Feel- With a Review

Reviews are perhaps one of the most powerful tools that a small business can leverage in a sea of competitors and big-box stores. The influence of testimony is mighty and in this day in age, consumers rely heavily on other’s experiences in order to determine how and where their next dollar will be spent. According to BrightLocal, 82% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. That means a very large portion of a small business’s opportunity comes from others sharing their own experiences.

During this time of crisis, a review is more helpful than ever!

Take a break from watching Netflix and scrolling on your phone and pick some of your favorite small businesses to review. Simply visit their social pages, find them on Google, and take a couple of minutes to share about how well they’ve served you over the years. It feels like a small moment of your day but will make an immeasurable difference to your beloved small businesses.

To leave Simmons Fine Jewelry a review, click here!


Online Shopping- Everyone’s Doing It

Many small businesses exist primarily within a brick-and-mortar location but given current circumstances of mandated closures, small businesses (especially retail) have had to pivot their practices exclusively to the online world. If you’re a frequent flyer at a local retail store (or restaurant), check out their website! You’ll be amazed to see that your favorite small business has just as much to offer (if not more) from the comfort of your home. features our top brands such as Hearts on Fire, Roberto Coin, John Hardy, and Tag Heuer and allows you to chat with our team members as questions arise. You can shop for the best brands or take a peek at our “Deal of The Day” with amazing, one of a kind pieces that are marked up to 70% off!

After making a purchase, your newest item will be delivered to your home at no extra cost. Of course, if you’d like to venture out for some fresh air, curbside pickup is also available. It doesn’t get much better than that!


Gift Cards

Just because quarantine is happening, doesn’t mean life stops happening; the two are not mutually exclusive. Monumental moments are still happening in the midst of this pandemic and when it’s all over (and it will be over), those moments will still be worthy of celebration- if not, even more so. Whether you want to treat yourself or a loved one, gift cards are a perfect way to prep for an epic celebration down the road.

If you’re going to be making any kind of purchase to a locally owned business in the near future, purchase a gift card now! You’ll be helping your favorite small business big-time by paying for your desired services or products in advance.

You can purchase a gift card to Simmons Fine Jewelry through our website. Use it online now or save it for later to shop in the store!


Out with the Gold, In with the Cash

In a random turn of events, you can become the seller by trading in your previously owned pieces for cash. Odds are, your quarantine cleaning will introduce you to some valuable pieces that you might have forgotten about. While this opportunity may not be available within every small business, the option remains for Simmons Fine Jewelry and other niche markets.

At Simmons Fine Jewelry, we are buying gold for cash!

If you need quick cash, swing by for a curbside exchange. We’ll be thrilled to use your gold and offer you cash on the spot.


Show Up on Social

Social media is a key player in today’s world. Not just in culture and entertainment, but also in business. In the world of small business, social media is a key player for growth. Social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest are a great way for people around the world to discover the uniqueness of a locally-owned small business. With social media, a family-owned company in the Treasure Valley can earn new customers across the world- from New York City to Sydney, Australia.

Support your favorite small business now by spreading the love on social media. You can support your adored local shops by sharing content (like this blog post), links to your favorite items, or just a simple shout out. Your local businesses will thank you for your support, especially in times like this.

At Simmons Fine Jewelry, we’re making the most out of our social networks by sharing games and templates, serving our audiences from afar with content like this, and creating new giveaway opportunities. Make sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to see what we’re serving up at Simmons Fine Jewelry!


Your Local Shops Will Thank You

This is truly a unique time in history, and while small businesses have always relied on their community, they need you now more than ever. If there is a small business in your community that has served you and your family over the years, take a moment to thank them for their commitment to you by some of the ways shared above.

At the end of the day, we’re all in this crazy thing called life together. And in the midst of chaos, what we’ve found has been truly beautiful…

More than ever, it is clear that all of life’s moments are a gift.

Every day, we are grateful to simply wake up with our health; to breathe, to live another day, to be able to contact our loved ones… small moments are a gift that we must cherish with thanksgiving. At Simmons Fine Jewelry, we hope to help you celebrate the gift of life for the next 30 years. 


Thank you for your support!