Finding The Right Spark Of Inspiration

Fashion jewelry is a perennial “right” accessory, but how impactful it can be can also depend on the design of the piece and how people integrate it with their own aesthetics. The signature Spark collection provides this outlet, with customizable and elegantly designed handcrafted jewelry that captures all the facets of summer, and of you.

The Spark collection is uniquely inspired by taking a modern look at traditional patterns and settings, and then combining this with hints of color for an impactful look.  This fashion jewelry makes just as much of an impression in:

•    All white/diamonds – for a classic but not too understated feel
•    Black and white – these pieces can add contrast and glamour to any outfit
•    Color pieces and collection stones – vibrant bursts of hue are added to the diamond setting designs for a fun and frolicking hint of glitz

This also means that pieces in the Spark collection can be worn alone or combined, in order to achieve just the right effect.  Further, the addition of a black and white collection bangle to a brightly patterned sundress can create just the right amount of relaxed sophistication that a backyard party or casual get-together calls for.

Of course, the combination of sophistication and modern design also makes the Spark collection instant classics that can be worn to dinner and bridal events, as easily as they can be worn on a first date. The Spark for creativity is really in your hands, and this collection is sure to bring it into your own signature summer style.