Put the perfect touch on this special day when you ask your beloved to spend the rest of your days with you and she gladly accepts making you the happiest man alive. Wait patiently for her priceless smile that will light up your world and the “yes,” that will remove those butterflies in your stomach as you serenade her with roses and present her with chocolates to celebrate your fantastic news.

With this in mind we are announcing our upcoming Valentine’s Day promotion. This offer comes with free chocolates and a dozen roses on all engagement ring and fine jewelry purchases 100$ or more. What better way is there than to take advantage of the fact that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to propose with an engagement ring from Simmons Fine Jewelry! Knowing that there is none, do not delay this much needed occasion as you would have to wait another 364 days for it to come around.  There is no time like the present! Let us make your present count!