As one might clearly see, Spring is the season when the weather is favorable and the flowers come to life – a picture of a perfect scene. If you are looking for that perfect outdoor proposal, it is almost to easy to complete your theme during this time of year. Everything may seem perfect. Yet, there is still one task to comply – finding the right diamond  ring.

Truly, a celebration that is treasured by two people crazily in love has to be sealed with something just as timeless as she is. And, there is nothing that can make this happen other than a beautiful diamond engagement ring. Here are a few ideas for choosing the right ring.

Some of the most important things to consider is the diamond’s cut, color, clarity and shape. A princess cut for instance exudes elegance which explains why a lot of famous personalities choose such. A cushion type is looks vintage on the other hand. It will all depend on the look that she is desiring ( *Hint : Check out her pinterest page and you will find exactly what she is looking for ).

So, if you are planning for a spring proposal, top the perfect season with the perfect ring! Visit us and speak with our professional jewelers & sales staff on Eagle Rd. in Meridian Idaho to discuss her dream ring and help you make it a reality.