The magic started in 1893 when founder Kokichi Mikimoto successfully cultured the world’s first, natural, salt water pearl!

And if you haven’t heard…Simmons Fine Jewelry was chosen as one of a select few fine jewelry retailers in the United States to proudly represent and showcase the Mikimoto brand!

Our Mikimoto pearl jewelry is worth a double (or triple;) take!

So why are we so excited about this particular brand? Well for starters, Mikimoto pearls are the unequaled jewels of our beautiful blue planet! The entire team at Mikimoto believes “sustaining the ocean’s ecosystems is a prerequisite to producing beautiful pearls”. This is not only their belief but a business priority. Mikimoto is the first in the pearl industry to implement pearl farming with zero emissions. Over thirty years ago Mikimoto set up a trust for marine ecology research that works toward supporting a biodiverse marine ecosystem. Mikimoto pearls are truly the most environmentally friendly and sustainable luxury jewelry brand enjoyed today.

Another reason we at Simmons Fine Jewelry are over the moon with the Mikimoto brand is, quite frankly, no other brand of pearl compares with the impeccable jewelry design and craftsmanship that Mikimoto offers. The luster, orient and flawlessness of Mikimoto pearls are second to none!

Pearls symbolize wisdom through experience! 

Mikimoto jewelry could be just what you’ve been searching for this year for the special graduate in your life! Pearls are known to represent wisdom through experience and are the perfect representation of perseverance and effort. Presenting a timeless pearl strand bracelet or an amazing pair of Mikimoto pearl stud earrings from Simmons Fine Jewelry would be an incredible graduation gift to be treasured! 


It is believed Pearls bring good luck, and are well known for their calming effects.


Believed to bring good luck and calming effects, a stunning Mikimoto piece from Simmons Fine Jewelry would make the perfect gift to adorn the moms in your life, this Mother’s Day. 

From South Sea pearl or Akoya pearl and diamond pendants to stunning diamond and akoya rings-  all of our beautiful pieces will undoubtedly add a unique and modern edge to her wardrobe! 


My endless love 

Throughout generations pearls have been associated with being the gift of love 💕 

Any occasion, Any holiday, Any reason- Pearls are the precious expression of LOVE 💗 


Mikimoto jewelry is inclusive, trendy, hip and just as classy as ever! 2022 is THE year to dress up, dress down or just hang out in your Mikimoto pearls from Simmons Fine Jewelry! At Simmons Fine Jewelry we take pride in offering truly exceptional, top tier jewelry, like Mikimoto, that will be remembered and cherished for a lifetime!