In addition to the Roberto Coin Trunk Show, Simmons Fine Jewelry is also featuring a brand new Diamond line called Forevermark.  A subsidiary of De Beers—arguably the most famous name in diamonds—Forevermark makes a promise to each person who wears one of its diamonds. That promise is that the diamonds they wear are not only beautiful, but rare and responsibly sourced.  Each diamond selected for the Forevermark is handpicked for its unmatched beauty.  Less than one percent of all diamonds in the world are eligible for Forevermark status, making each one as close to “one of a kind” as possible.
Speaking of “one of a kind,” each Forevermark diamond is inscripted with a unique number that truly makes it yours and yours alone.  This inscription is invisible to the naked eye, but the number ensures that no two diamonds are alike.  Forevermark diamonds are available now at Simmons Fine Jewelry, the store that has brought luxury jewelry to Boise customers for over 20 years.  There is a reason we’re Idaho’s premiere jeweler, after all!

Furthermore, Forevermark Diamonds are responsibly sourced, taken from diamond mines with the highest level of environmental and social standards. It’s better for the environment and the communities in which the mines are located.  Once again, we’re pleased to bring such a highly respected line of diamonds to our customers.

Come to the Roberto Coin Trunk Show on December 10, and while you’re here, find out more about the upcoming Forevermark line of jewelry.  If you want diamonds that will truly last a lifetime, Simmons Fine Jewelry in Boise is the store to go to.  Celebrate Style—Celebrate Life.  Only at Simmons Fine Jewelry!