Heart on Fire is an incredible gem that takes patience, precision, and the perfect stone to create an amazing diamond. The perfection in the cut represents a perfect match – not every diamond can become a Hearts on Fire, and not just anyone can cut a Hearts on Fire. Like two people coming together, this ring signifies a perfect balance between the elements surrounding us and what it takes to create something like that. That being said, this diamond is the most sought after engagement ring in the world.

John Hardy Jewelry is modeled after four different types of jewelry-making processes in Bali. John Hardy takes these traditional types of jewelry-making and adds a modern twist, helping to create an elegant yet durable piece. John Hardy’s first partners in this business were descendants of goldsmiths of the royal court in Bali. This relationship signifies the merging of both artisans and designers, old world and new world, and the beauty that can be created when these come together. To own a John Hardy piece is to own a piece of the past, the present and merging worlds.

Since 1860, Tag Heuer, and his descendants, have been creating luxurious Swiss timepieces, and also the most precise you will ever own. These pieces can be as close as 1/10,000 to the second, ensuring accuracy in whatever sport event you partake in. The watches ensure that no matter where you are or what you do, you will be both stylish and on-time.

Breitling is a favorite timepiece among pilots and is celebrating its 50th anniversary of the Patrouille Suisse. These rugged, durable timepieces are best under the most extreme conditions – for example, the Super Avenger Military chronograph is set in a sturdy steel case, is water-resistant up to 1,000 feet, and features an ultra-resistant carbon-based black coating. But it’s elegance also ensures you can wear this watch with the professional demeanor that you demand.

Depending on the occasion, Simmons has what you’re looking for; ranging from elegant to rugged, a special occasion or spur of the moment. We carry only the finest pieces and there is something for everyone here. Thank you for 25 years Boise! Celebrate life. Celebrate love.