Diamonds are classified according to the 4Cs: carat weight, clarity, color and cut. Each diamond is valued according to how they weigh in on the 4C scale. The heavier, clearer and more brilliant the diamond, the more valuable it is. The master crafters of the Hearts on Fire Diamond begin simply with the most perfect diamond nature has to offer. It is through the jeweler’s skill and precision that this diamond is crafted into a spectacular and breathtaking heirloom piece. Because the uniqueness of this diamond relies heavily on the jeweler’s cut, it is possible to have a diamond smaller in total carat weight appear to be equal or greater in size to a larger diamond cut using traditional methods.

The unique qualities of the Hearts on Fire Diamond are emphasized when the clarity and color of the diamond are flawless. When considering the clarity of the diamond, a master jeweler looks for diamonds with the least amount of imperfections. Imperfections are caused naturally from gasses and other minerals as the diamond forms in the earth. The highest clarity rating a diamond can receive is flawless. These special gems are limited to this level or the next level down, slight inclusion. These ratings ensure the brilliant and breathtaking shine when the diamond is master cut.

Finally, the color of the diamond is considered. Again, for the Hearts on Fire Diamond, only the best will do. Strictly limited to the top two color categories, you will get the best overall quality with a cut that is like no other. Colorless is the highest color rating for a diamond. Both this and the near colorless are acceptable ratings for this special diamond. When you choose a Hearts on Fire Diamond, you choose a product that is as perfect as the woman you choose it for. Her heart’s fire will burn for you for years to come when you slip it on her finger.