JB Star brings a passion for precision and excellence to the world of fine jewelry, and the company was founded in 1979. Since that time, they have taken the time to make sure that each piece is of the highest standard of quality. Here are some highlights of what you’ll get from a JB Star piece:

•    Each creation is hand crafted, inspected, and analyzed to ensure it is of the highest quality imaginable.
•    The latest technologies are used to finish every piece, including laser technology. This ensures that the finished product is stunning in every way.
•    Only platinum, 18kt yellow and pink gold is used to ensure quality and beauty in every piece.
•    All stones are sourced and inspected to be the best available in the market.

Simply put, every item from JB Star is crafted to be a stunning work of art that you will appreciate for the rest of your life – in fact, their dedication to their work includes a belief that every one of their creations is a gift to be handed down throughout generations, not worn and forgotten.

At Simmons Fine Jewelry, we believe that JB Star is a perfect addition to our product selection. Their commitment to excellence matches our own and will give our customers one more option for beauty when they need it. Take a look at the JB Star selection and you’ll likely see numerous pieces that appeal to you and your taste – and each one is worth having.