What do fast cars, brand new watches, opportunities to raise money with the community, and Simmons Fine Jewelry all have in common? They were all present at this year’s Sun Valley Tour de Force!

Credit: Sun Valley Tour de Force

SVTDF takes place each year in Sun Valley, Idaho and brings together car enthusiasts from around the nation. Together with the many great individuals and additional sponsors, more than $600,000 was raised for local charity, the Hunger Coalition. We continued our five-year sponsorship reign with SVDTF, and have been proud sponsors of the event since its inception in 2018.

Credit: Sun Valley Tour de Force

During the weekend, we announced the launch of Barrens, a brand new vintage/neo luxury watch brand geared toward the vintage solo motorist. Idaho Born and Swiss powered, the Barrens first model, Scout, was built with the SVTdF drivers mentality of seeking adventure and speed. This exciting new brand will continue to be available exclusively at Simmons Fine Jewelry or online at www.barrens.us

Nearly all 25 limited edition Barrens Scout watches were quickly purchased during Thursday’s Aprés Drive on the patio at the Limelight Hotel.  The Top Speed drivers enjoyed sporting their new pieces throughout the weekend, including wearing them on their Top Speed runs at Phantom Hill.   As done in all other years we engraved each driver’s top spreed on their Barrens watch to make it even more commemorative of the 2022 event. 

Pursuing top speeds and connecting with so many wonderful people, it is always a fantastic weekend spent among great friends.  

Enjoy this years video of the 2022 SVTdF