Why The Scout Guide?

Simmons Fine Jewelry cherishes their collaboration with The Scout Guide for its dedication to showcasing local businesses of exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The Scout Guide’s commitment to curating a selection of artisans and businesses aligns with Simmons’ core value of bringing excellence and craftsmanship to the treasure valley. It’s a partnership founded on mutual respect for artisanal excellence and a shared passion for celebrating the unique beauty found within local communities.

The Scout Guide Boise, Volume 6


Volume 6 of the Boise Scout Guide has a two page spread of Store Owner Jay and manager Blake with selected collections from top luxury jewelry brands.

The Scout Guide Boise, Volume 6. Simmons Fine Jewelry is shown along side other small businesses in the Treasure Valley to showcase their great businesses.
The Boise Scout Guide Volume 5 featuring Simmons Fine Jewelry alongside other companies from the Treasure Valley.

The Scout Guide Boise, Volume 5


Volume 5 of the Boise Scout Guide shows a hand selected group of product images with store owner Jay and manager Blake.

The Scout Guide Boise, Volume 4


Volume 4 of the Boise Scout Guide shows carefully selected product images of luxury products with a Simmons team photo.

Scout Guide Issue 5 with Simmons Fine Jewelry stared as the first Treasure Valley Company.

More About The Scout Guide

“The Scout Guide is a 100% woman-founded national franchise that offers an elevated advertising experience to local businesses through our printed city guides and on our digital channels. We are community builders that showcase the people and faces behind local businesses.”