Make sure you do your research! Price can be very misleading and just because you are saving a couple hundred dollars, you may not necessarily be getting a good deal. Sure, most people think about costs, but a woman will think about design and the meaning. Simmons Fine Jewelry has engagement rings starting at just $795. Customizing a ring is a great way to show her that you put thought and effort into picking it out.

Next, find a quality jeweler that will offer financing for 12 months OAC. This can be a huge help if the ring you want costs $3,000 dollars, it is easier to pay for it over the course of a year. Financing a wedding ring is a great option for most people since they do not have to put up the entire cost upfront and make gradual payments toward the entire balance.

Finally, surprise her with the diamond ring! Just giving it to her and asking for her hand in marriage does not make the moment memorable. Some people go to great lengths just to ask a woman to marry them. A big idea is asking her on a billboard or other large structure. Some guys like to put the ring in plain sight during dinner at a fancy restaurant so she can eventually see it. Others offer a romantic and intimate evening meal at home and light candles. Work the conversation up to hinting about marriage, and then pop the question.

Whichever way you decide to ask her , make sure you do your research and purchase the right quality ring to help make the moment special from Simmons Fine Jewelry. For more information contact us today!