Looking for new and exciting events for our members, we landed on the idea of bringing in Indy Car Driver and Idaho native Sting Ray Robb. Our growing desire to support the local community made it easy to jump at the opportunity to bring in Sting Ray Robb. He has had a fast rise through motorsports by working his way through the Indy Light Series and picking up numerous high placements. Recently Sting Ray Robb was promoted to race in Indy Car with Dale Coyne Racing. He joins a team steeped in rich racing history and of mentoring young drivers in the early stages of their careers.

Shown below are some of the trophies won by Sting Ray Robb through out his racing career.

Having the Winter Unwind on the horizon we decided to bring in an Indy Car Driver who was born and raised in Boise, named Sting Ray Robb. With the majority of our members being motorsport fans it was a very easy decision to bring in Sting Ray. With his fast rise through Motor Sport racing it created a lot of hype around the event. During the Winter Unwind he took time to autograph memorabilia, take photos and most importantly meet the community. Once the event ended he left for preseason testing with Dale Coyne racing.

After the Winter Unwind we came to an agreement with Stingray to sponsor him with an Oris Aquis (like shown below) for the upcoming Indy Car season. This is a unique opportunity for us to share our excitement for watches and help support a member of our community.