When it comes to shopping for a diamond ring, one thing that immediately comes to mind is the shape of the center diamond. Perhaps the most common shape that comes to mind is a round diamond, but the remarkable reality is there are numerous diamond shapes to choose from!

Whether you want a classic diamond ring with big sparkle or a more delicate diamond ring with intricate details, different diamond cuts and diamond shapes can work together to create the most mesmerizing diamond ring for your unique bling desires.

The diamond shape refers to the visual of the stone, while the diamond cut refers to the diamond’s brilliance, also known as “sparkle.”

Finding the perfect diamond for your dream ring can feel overwhelming, so we’ve created a list of the popular diamond shapes. At Simmons Fine Jewelry, we carry the most brilliant diamonds in Idaho and every cut and shape. We’ve put together a list of the most popular diamond shapes, each with their distinctive traits, to help you create your dream diamond ring.


Round Brilliant Cut

It’s no surprise that most women (and men) love diamonds because of their sparkle, which is why the most popular diamond is also the most brilliant diamond.

The Round Brilliant Diamond has the word “brilliant” in its name. A round brilliant diamond is classic, timeless, and everlasting in its style and beauty, while also reflecting the most light. Can you say, “Bling Bling?” For this simple reason, a round brilliant diamond is the most popular of the diamond shapes as it lends itself to the most everlasting diamond ring.

When it comes to a round brilliant diamond, Hearts on Fire is the absolute best. Simmons Fine Jewelry is proud to be the only retailer in Idaho to carry Hearts On Fire. Hearts on Fire finds “the most pristine diamonds on earth and cut them for extraordinary sparkle.” What do you get when you wear Hearts on Firer? “Truly rare, perfect, and beautiful diamonds whose brilliance is matched only by the women who wear them.”


Princess Cut

The second most popular of the diamond shapes is a Princess Cut Diamond. The diamond shape resembles a clean, square look (and sometimes a rectangle) while also offering the brilliance of a round brilliant diamond. With a princess cut diamond, both optimal brilliance and color are on display uniquely as the diamond’s color found in the four corners of the diamond.

A princess-cut diamond can create a stunning solitaire engagement diamond ring or a jaw-droppingly brilliant eternity band.


Marquise Cut

A Marquise Cut Diamond features a verticle eye-like diamond shape. It’s sophisticated and elongated shape enhances the surface area of the diamond, causing it to appear larger than it’s perceived carat weight. The extended diamond shape also flatters the finger, allowing it to perform longer and thinner, making it a crowd-pleaser when used the center stone in a diamond ring.

Cushion Cut

Cushion-Cut Diamonds are adored by many for it’s softer aesthetic and brilliance. A cushion-cut diamond shape gets its name entirely from its resemblance to a cushion. Cushion-cut diamonds feature smooth rounded corners and more significant facets, allowing each diamond’s clarity to be on full display amidst truly mesmerizing sparkle.

A cushion-cut diamond ring is one of the more captivating diamond shapes due to its versatility; a cushion-cut diamond can hold it’s own as a solitaire diamond ring or steals the show in a halo-setting.


Emerald Cut Diamonds

One of the more sophisticated diamond cuts is an Emerald Cut Diamond. Emerald-cut diamond shapes are rectangular with cut corners. From the top, an emerald-cut diamond features long cuts that look like growing stairs. Because of its rectangular shape, an emerald-cut diamond does not sparkle with the same brilliance of a round diamond but instead offers a prismatic “Hall of Mirrors” effect.

Emerald-cut diamonds are perfect for unique and one-of-a-kind personalities who find joy in having a hand in the more elite things in life – literally.


Pear Cut Diamonds

The Pear Cut Diamond is the most quintessential of the diamond cuts for a feminine and fun personality. The pear diamond shape is a stunning combination of a round and marquise shape, ultimately resembling a teardrop. With this combination, the round-cut offers optimal sparkle while the elongated shape of a partial marquise works to flatter the finger.

Oval Cut Diamonds

The most popular diamond shape of 2019 was the Oval Cut Diamond. Ovals have taken the world by storm with their perfect blending classic and modern elegance. As the name suggests, Oval-cut diamonds are shaped like ovals. With the same amount of facets as a round brilliant diamond (58) and an elongated look, they offer exceptional brilliance while displaying an expansive view of the diamond. Oval cuts are also extremely durable by featuring only smooth edges, lessening the likeliness of chipping.

Supermodel and trendsetter, Hailey Beiber, wowed the world when she debuted her massive oval-cut diamond solitaire ring. Since her secretive proposal to megastar, Justin Beiber, oval-cut diamonds have been soaring in demand. But no fear, Simmons Fine Jewelry offers an incredible spread of the best oval diamonds!


Asscher Cut

The Asscher Cut Diamond is one of the more rare diamond cuts. With a simple square diamond shape and intricate cropped corners, Asscher-cut diamonds look slightly octagonal. For centuries, Asscher-cut diamonds have nodded at cultural movements like the Roaring ’20s and the historical jewelry such as the Crown Jewels from the British Royal Family. Both classic and significant, Asscher-cut diamonds bring an original style to any ring.

Heart Cut

The Heart Cut Diamond is the quintessential embodiment of love. Since the heart is the universal symbol of love, a heart-cut diamond is a perfect diamond to give to a loved one. Apart from the obvious symbolism, the cute of a heart allows it for exceptional brilliance.

Heart-cut diamonds are stunning in a solitaire setting as well as a pendant.


Design Your Dream Ring

With all of these incredible diamond shapes and cuts to choose from, you can quickly and excitedly create your very own custom ring. Whether you’re drawn towards a classic round brilliant diamond on a simple band or a 3-stone Asscher cut on platinum, Simmons Fine Jewelry will help your diamond ring dreams come to life!

Let us know how Simmons Fine Jewelry can help you today! Click here to start the custom design process with our talented team. We can’t wait to help you celebrate life!