What is the difference between natural Diamonds vs Lab Grown Diamonds?

What do you feel when you look into the eyes of your soul mate? Unparalleled love? Radiant Happiness? Pure bliss? A feeling of love this deep should be celebrated, and what better way to say I love you than with a diamond? At Simmons Fine Jewelry we offer an exclusive collection of both natural and lab grown diamonds perfect for representing the unmatched love you share with your significant other.

For centuries, diamonds have been known as the universal symbol of commitment and love. Diamonds are timeless and will never dull or lose their shine. This means they can be passed down for generations to come, connecting your current love story to the many memories that will come after. No matter what type of diamond you choose, what it represents remains the same. However, it is important to understand the difference in natural vs lab grown diamonds so that you can feel confident in the diamond you choose for your special someone.

Natural Diamonds

Natural diamonds form around 100 miles under the earth’s surface under extreme heat and pressure and most are anywhere from 1 billion and 3.5 billion years old. These diamonds were then brought to the earth’s surface from deep seated volcanic eruptions through volcanic pipes. There are many factors that had to align perfectly for diamonds to form in the ancient earth and be carried up to the surface. These conditions no longer exist which means that all the diamonds the earth will form, already exist. Given this, natural diamonds are extremely rare and their value will continue to go up as more and more natural diamonds are mined. This rarity is why many individuals choose to use natural diamonds to represent their love. Despite the higher cost, natural diamonds hold their value and are considered to be extremely rare and precious.

Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are diamonds with all of the same chemical compounds and brilliance of natural diamonds but are grown in a laboratory or factory. Lab grown diamonds are manufactured one of two ways. The first, HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) uses high temperatures and extreme pressure to mimic how the earth naturally creates a diamond. The second, CVD creates a diamond by feeding a mixture of gasses into a vacuum chamber, similar to a microwave. Both manufacturing methods produce diamonds within a few weeks vs the billions of years it takes for a natural diamond to be formed in the earth. To the naked eye natural and lab grown diamonds can look exactly the same with all of the same brilliance, sparkle and beauty. It is only with sophisticated industry equipment that one would be able to tell a natural diamond from a lab grown diamond. Lab grown diamonds are also less expensive than natural diamonds which can make them more appealing for those looking for a larger carat weight or size on a budget. However, one thing to know about lab grown diamonds is because they are mass produced they will not hold their value. As competition grows and more lab grown diamonds are created, the price could potentially continue to fall or even drop dramatically, making natural diamonds more rare and valuable.

There is no right or wrong way to choose a diamond for the one you love. The beauty, brilliance, and meaning the diamond holds will remain the same no matter what kind of diamond you choose. While natural diamonds may be a perfect pick for someone looking for rarity, a lab grown diamond may be a more cost friendly option for someone looking for a larger diamond. Both types of diamonds will remain radiant and beautiful for years to come, just like the love you share. Let us help you celebrate life’s greatest moments with the perfect diamond for you at Simmons Fine Jewelry.