Hawgsmoke is an A-10 Warthog tournament that was started in Michigan 23 years ago. Tracing its lineage to the previous air-to-ground gunnery and bombing competition held at Nellis Air Force base. All of which being held from the late 40’s until the mid 90’s. This event is comprised of bombing, missile, and tactile gunnery tactics, scoring them on how well they do. Who ever gets the most point wins and will host the next Hawgsmoke event. In 2022 the Idaho Skullbangers had the pleasure of hosting the event due to their prior Hawgsmoke tournament win.

One of the many unique parts of Hawgsmoke is their dedication to making it more than just another event. Making it about connecting their community with those around them while putting on an engaging event. This commitment made it easy for Idaho Watch Collective to cosponsor this event since it relates to their goal. in creating a community of members with the same passion for luxury time pieces and the celebration of achievements.

Pictured below are the members of the Idaho Air Guard’s 190th Fighter Squadron.

As apart of their sponsorship of the event Simmons and Idaho Watch Collective raffled off a Breitling Avenger Chronograph. Like pictured below. All of the proceeds from the raffle going towards the Wishes For Warriors charity.

One perk of being an Idaho Watch Collective member is getting invited to unique events both instore and out of store. Like shown below we took a handful of members to spectate the bombing, missile, and tactile gunnery tactics exercises which saw Boise’s own Skullbangers take home another Hawgsmoke victory.