Spark Creations Opal Necklace


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An exquisite fusion of elegance and enchantment: our 18k White Gold Necklace featuring a resplendent 3.00 carat Oval Opal. This remarkable gemstone emanates an ever-shifting play of colors, capturing the ethereal beauty of a dancing kaleidoscope. Set amidst the lustrous embrace of 18k white gold, the opal’s vibrant hues are further heightened, creating a mesmerizing centerpiece that is sure to captivate every gaze.

Adding a touch of brilliance to this opulent composition, three round cut Diamonds, totaling .23 carats, are meticulously placed to accentuate the opal’s allure. Each diamond sparkles with a fire that perfectly complements the opal’s enchanting play of colors, creating a harmonious symphony of light and beauty.

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