Private Event

The Idaho Watch Collective recently held the Spring Unwind in a suite at the Idaho Steelheads Game. There they unveiled the new line of Top Time watches launched by Breitling the week prior. Attendees were treated to an evening of sports, luxury watches, good company, delicious food and beverages provided.

The Breitling Top Time watches have a vintage-inspired design, paying homage to the classic timepieces of the 1960s. They feature a distinctive mushroom-shaped pusher, along with a colorful dial that is sure to catch the eye. The watches are powered by the Breitling 01, a reliable and accurate movement that is designed to deliver precision.

Breitling Top Times

The private event provided an opportunity for customers to get up close and personal with the new watches. They were able to try on the watches, see how they felt on their wrists, and ask questions about the features and design of the timepieces. By partnering with Breitling and hosting the event at the Idaho Steelheads Game, it demonstrated our commitment to providing customers with unique and unforgettable experiences in the comfort of our own community.

Ford Thunder Bird

Chevrolet Corvette

Shelby Cobra

Ford Mustang

Of course, the event wasn’t just about the watches. Guests were also treated to a thrilling Idaho Steelheads game and all the amenities of a luxurious suite. The combination of sports, food and luxury watches created an unforgettable evening that left attendees eager for more.

Community And Watches

Overall, the Idaho Watch Collective’s event at the Idaho Steelheads Game was a resounding success, bringing together a community of adventure-seekers and luxury enthusiasts for an unforgettable evening. As the brand continues to host exciting events like this one, it’s clear that the Idaho Watch Collective is the place to view luxury watches. Topping off the great night, the Idaho Steel Heads made the playoffs for the first time in 3 years!