Ladies Night

Simmons Fine Jewelry’s recent fall trunk show, hosted the exclusive John Hardy home diffuser making class. Not only did they offer a captivating journey guided by John Hardy, but they also introduced their extended lines of Cinta, Spear and Surf collections, showcasing their commitment to luxury and craftsmanship. As guests indulged in crafting home diffusor scents, they were also treated to the visual spectacle of these stunning jewelry collections. To complement this experience, Simmons Fine Jewelry provided a charcuterie board, offering a delightful array of flavors, wine, and desserts to satisfy every sense.


The attendees learned the subtleties of how to select, blend, and use home diffusers to transform their living spaces into aromatic sanctuaries. This experience was a reflection of Simmons Fine Jewelry’s commitment to providing unique experiences that will be remembered for years. The home diffuser class added an entirely new dimension to the event, bridging the worlds of fragrance and fashion seamlessly.

A Night To Remember

In essence, the John Hardy fall trunk show with a home diffusor class was the embodiment of luxury. It allowed the guests to not only understand the intricacies of creating ambiance but also to partake in a unique experience that transcended traditional events. It was an evening where the new Cinta, Surf and Spear collections met the art of fragrance. Creating a harmonious symphony of elegance that set the tone for the unforgettable night ahead.