John Hardy is celebrating the year of the Dragon. Eastern wisdom teaches us that the dragon is impractical and atypical. Dragons are intrigued by the shock of the new. They are intellectuals and are born ahead of their time featuring originality, individualism and compassion. Experience the Naga collection. The collection features a fusion of Eastern and Western design and tradition. Sparkling silver bracelets feature the dragon cinching the bracelet in place with his teeth on a ring of stones. The dragon’s eyes, horns and the ring of stones are laid with your birth stone. East meets West.

John Hardy exhibits a lot of influence from the Far East. There are collections for men, women and children and you’ll be able to see them all at Boise’s premier jewelry store. The names of the some of the collections include bamboo, bedeg, kali and palu. The jewelry leans toward sleek and modern featuring asymmetrical swoops of silver. There is a vast array of materials to chose from that can be inlaid with your favorite stones and diamonds. John Hardy is truly one of a kind and Simmons Fine Jewelry is excited to present this collection to Boise.

It is our standard of excellence that attracts the likes of John Hardy to our store. So please join us for our John Hardy Trunk Show, October 20th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you have any questions regarding this event, please stop in to our store or call us at 208.888.2799. We look forward to seeing you there!