Sun Valley’s 6th annual Tour de Force, an adrenaline-filled event that combines high-speed runs with a charitable cause, took place recently, and Simmons Fine Jewelry was proud to be one of the sponsors. Known for exquisite jewelry and watch collections, Simmons Fine Jewelry brought their mobile showroom to the event, showcasing their passion for all things jewelry and watches.

The Tour de Force event has been a longstanding tradition for Simmons, and over the years, they have built strong relationships with customers and participants alike. By participating in this exciting event they demonstrated their commitment to community engagement and charitable endeavors.

The excitement kicked off on the opening day, Thursday, with a grand launch by Idaho’s very own watch brand, Barrens. The brand unveiled its brand new commemorative watch for the Tour de Force, artfully combining craftsmanship with a passion for speed. The watch quickly became a coveted collector’s item, symbolizing the spirit of the event.

The event’s main sponsor, McLaren, created an exhilarating atmosphere by choosing the Sun Valley Tour de Force as the platform to debut the highly anticipated 750S in North America. As the highways were blocked off for the high-speed runs on Saturday, McLaren took center stage, posting some of the highest speeds of the event. Spectators were thrilled as McLaren’s 720S reached an astonishing top speed of 218 mph, leaving an unforgettable mark on the event.

The excitement didn’t end there. As the weekend drew to a close, the Lime Light Hotel hosted a grand banquet to raise funds for the Hunger Coalition. This philanthropic initiative brought together participants, sponsors, and spectators to support a noble cause, highlighting the collective effort to make a positive impact on the community.

As Simmons Fine Jewelry looks back on their participation in the 6th annual Tour de Force, they take pride in being part of an event that merges thrilling experiences with the spirit of giving. Their support, along with that of other sponsors like McLaren, has undoubtedly contributed to the Tour de Force and the funds raised for the Hunger Coalition.

In conclusion, Simmons Fine Jewelry’s engagement in the 6th annual Tour de Force serves as an inspiring example of a business that not only excels in their industry but also embraces the values of community, charity, and camaraderie. As they continue to shine in the world of jewelry and watches, they also continue to make a positive impact on the lives of those around them. Here’s to many more memories at the Tour de Force for years to come.